50 kilometres north of Quevillon, Quebec


14 claims, 783 hectares


100% Hinterland

Work to date

Ground geophysics


Shear hosted, banded iron formation gold

2018 Work; Budget

750 metres drilling; $100,000

Regional Compilation

T Mag

VG Mag

Property Geology


Hinterland holds a 100% interest in the 14-claim (783-hectare) Tardif property located approximately 50 kilometres north of Quevillon in the Abitibi Region of Quebec.  The property has good potential for iron formation-hosted, quartz‐carbonate vein‐type gold mineralization.  This deposit type is commonly found in Archean greenstone belts, and is characterized by late quartz‐carbonate veins and/or iron sulphide‐rich zones within late structures such as faults, shear zones and/or fold hinges. Notable Canadian examples include Lupin, Musselwhite, Joutel and Geralton‐Long Lac.  These deposits are comparatively high‐grade ranging from 5 to 20 grams per tonne, and typically contain 0.5 to 3.5‐million ounces. 

This type of mineralization has been found locally on the same stratigraphic horizon as Tardif at two sites.  The first site is 13 kilometres southeast of the property.  There are two showings at this site known as “Ludger” and “Noyelles”.  Drilling at Ludger intersected up to 2.2gpt Au over 3.9m.  Surface grab samples at Noyelles returned up to 15.9gpt Au. The second site is found roughly 32 kilometres east of Tardiff. There are two showings at this site known as “Km 55” and “Zone Est”.  Drilling at Km 55 intersected up to 6.2gpt Au over 10.0m.  Surface grab samples returned up to 47.9gpt Au. 

Hinterland has identified a 500 metre long segment of the banded iron formation where the magnetic and electromagnetic patterns are disrupted.  This geophysical anomaly is interpreted to be due to folding and/or faulting of the iron formation and is deemed to be an excellent gold target.

Next Steps

Hinterland has identified a 500 metres long geophysical anomaly that provides an excellent drill target for gold.  It intends to test this target with drilling in 2018.  It is currently seeking equity or joint venture financing to fund the 750 metres of drilling estimated to cost $100,000.